Question: What is MABLE?

Answer:  Mable stands for Making You ABLE.  Mable is a movement that is intended to increase mobility and function through gentle exercises that include balance, strength, and mobility.  We are an online based daily program that can be completed from the comfort of your own home. 


Question: Who is MABLE for?

Answer: The Mable Movement is designed for individuals that have, over time, become sedentary due to any number of reasons. Whether it is age, injury, lack of motivation, or obesity.  It is never too late to start moving again!


Question: How does MABLE work?

Answer:  Our goal is to get those sedentary individuals up and moving utilizing simple equipment such as resistance bands, small dumbbells, and living room furniture. Each video will include a client and a trainer so that you can follow along in your home.  You will receive trainer cues and feel like you are part of a one on one session.  No pressure, no judgement!


Question: How long are Mable Movements?

Answer:  The Mable Movements for each day range from 10-20 minutes.  Depending on your personal needs, they may be longer or shorter. 


Question: Will I be sore from Mable Movements?

Answer:  While this is not intended to be intense exercise, you still might feel some soreness from new movements and using/stretching muscles that you have not used in a while!  Soreness is ok and will improve with doing MABLE consistently each day.


Question: Can I become injured doing MABLE?

Answer:  While our intention is gentle exercise, there is always a risk for injury.  Please listen to your body and the coaching cues to avoid injury and improper position.


Question: How will I receive The Mable Movements?

Answer:  After signing up through our website, you will have the option of receiving an email or text message each day with a video link to that day's Mable Movements.  While we encourage you to do the workout that is sent each day, we understand that that might not always be possible.  You will have the ability to choose another workout from the library to do instead.


Question: How will I watch The Mable Movements?

Answer:  You can watch The Mable Movements on your phone, tablet, or laptop.  You can also use a streaming device (such as a Google Chromecast) to stream to your television for a larger viewing area.


Question: What equipment do I need?

Answer:  While it is possible to do all of these workouts without any equipment, we do utilize bands, light dumbbells, and jump ropes in the videos.  


Question: What if I have questions about The Mable Movements?

Answer:  Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions that you might have.  Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@themablemovement).  We want you to feel like you are part of a community so feel free to let us know who you are!